Attane Inhalation anaesthetic for use in horses, dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles and ornamental birds. Restricted Veterinary Medicine (RVM). Only available under veterinary authorisation.

Use only in a vapouriser suitable for Isoflurane with an appropriate anaesthetic circuit.

Premedication - Tranquilizers, sedatives and analgesics can be used with care. They will reduce the concentration of Isoflurane required for induction and maintenance. Muscle relaxation may be adequate for intra-abdominal operations at normal levels of anaesthesia.

Induction - Surgical anaesthesia by mask induction is achieved in 5 to 10 minutes.

Maintenance - The concentration of vapour necessary to maintain anaesthesia is much less than is required to induce the patient. Attane can also be used to maintain anaesthesia after induction with a suitable injectable agent.

250 mL amber glass bottle.

Isoflurane reacts with dry carbon dioxide absorbents (soda lime) to form carbon monoxide, therefore, do not allow to dry out and changeregularly. If an animal is already anaesthetized with Isofluranethen particular care should be exercised if administering amidazolam-ketamine combination. Consideration should be given toanalgesic requirements of patient before recovery from anaesthesiatakes place. Isoflurane has been safely used for anaesthesia during Caesarean section in dogs and cats. However, data concerning its use in pregnant, breeding or lactating animals is not available.

For advice contact the National Poisons Centre 0800 POISON (0800764 766) or a doctor immediately. If skin or hair contact occurs remove contaminated clothing and flush skin and hair with running water. If splashed in eyes wash out immediately with water.

Preferably dispose of the product by use. Otherwise dispose of product and packaging at an approved landfill or other approved facility. Dispose of empty container by wrapping with paper and putting garbage.

Meat: Horses and rabbits 63 days.

Store below 25°C (room temperature). Protect from direct sunlight and direct heat. Store in tightly closed original container.

Refer to the label for all product information