Bomacure Antibiotic for Intrauterine Infusion.

A010314 RVM

Active Constituents:

Cephapirin (as benzathine) 25mg/mL in a 20mL oily suspension for intrauterine infusion.

Intrauterine treatment of subacute and chronic endometritis in cows (at least 14 days after parturition) caused by bacteria sensitive to cephapirin. Important endometritis pathogens sensitive to cephapirin include Arcanobacterium pyogenes, Escherichia coli and anaerobic bacteria such as Fusobacterium necrophorum and certain Gram-ve anaerobes. Can also be used to treat repeat breeder cases (more than three unsuccessful inseminations) if bacterial infections are suspected to be the cause of the fertility problem.

DOSE: Introduce one dose (20mL) into the lumen of the uterus through the single-use catheter provided, using either the Bomacure multidose application system, or a disposable syringe. In case of pyometra, pre-treatment with a prostaglandin is recommended in order to induce luteolysis and to remove debris from the uterine cavity. One treatment is usually sufficient for a complete cure.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each vial contains several treatments (200mL - 10 treatments; 480mL - 24 treatments). Insert the vial into the Bomacure pouch. With the vial positioned with the cap uppermost, connect the vial to the Bomacure applicator. Attach the flexible administration tube (provided) to the applicator. Set the dial-a-dose applicator to 10mL. Position the applicator with the front end pointing upwards and squeeze the applicator handle until the barrel and flexible administration tube are primed with product. Connect a single use intrauterine pipette to the free end of the flexible administration tube and pass the pipette through the cervix so that the end of the catheter sits within the uterine lumen. Squeeze the vaccinator handle twice thereby administering 20mL (2 x 10mL). Withdraw and discard the used pipette. Attach a new pipette and treat the next animal, etc.

Withholding Times:

MILK: Nil. MEAT: 4 days.