Dexolyte Ideal for providing extra energy and electrolytes in cases of heat stress and dehydration, and can be used in horses, calves and lambs.

A1625 Unrestricted

Active Constituents:
Dextrose 817.2g/kg, potassium 14.0g/kg, sodium 25.2g/kg, chloride 51.6g/kg and vitamin A 20,000i.u/kg in a speckled yellow powder for oral administration after reconstitution with water. Available in 1kg, 3kg and 12kg packs. A 20g measure is supplied with the 1kg and 3kg packs. An 80g measure is supplied with the 3kg and 12kg packs.

To assist in the treatment of dehydration resulting from enteritis and diarrhoea and also dehydration caused by hot weather or transportation in horses, foals, calves and lambs.

Administer in the drinking water or feed. Can be administered with a teat and bottle, or calfeteria, if animal will suckle. If calves or lambs will not suckle use a tube feeder. Seek veterinary advice for instructions on tube feeding.

Add 80g Dexolyte to 2L of warm water.

 Animal Volume
 Lambs 0.25L (10g) up to 4 times daily
 Calves and Foals
 2L (80g)  up to 4 times daily
 Horses 3L (120g) up to 4 times daily

Special Precautions:
Always ensure an adequate amount of clean drinking water is available during treatment. If the condition fails to respond to treatment, seek veterinary advice.

Withholding Times:
MILK and MEAT (Including bobby calves): Nil.