dryclox® Xtra

dryclox Xtra Dry Cow Intramammary Suspension Milk withholding period 49 days dry plus 8 milkings after calving. When to Use dryclox® Xtra Use dryclox® Xtra when a persistent antibiotic presence (up to 10 weeks) is required in the udder over the dry period to cure existing mastitis (in high somatic cell count cows), AND to protect the udder against new infections over the dry period (in both high AND low somatic cell count cows). USE ONLY IN COWS WITH A DRY PERIOD OF 49 DAYS OR LONGER.

A6811 RVM

Active Constituents:

Cloxacillin (as benzathine salt) 600mg, ampicillin (as trihydrate) 300mg and 3% aluminium stearate suspension in each 5.4g intra-mammary syringe. Available in a box containing 24 x 5.4g injectors and in a bin containing 300 x 5.4g injectors.

For use in dairy cows at the point of drying off, i.e. immediately after the last milking of the lactation, to treat existing mastitis and to provide protection against further infections during the dry period.

After the final milking of a lactation, thoroughly clean and disinfect the teats and carefully introduce the contents of 1 tube into each quarter via the teat canal, at least 49 days before calving. If treatment is required during the dry period, lactating cow products should be used. Teat spray after infusion.

Withholding Times:
MEAT: Cows producing meat or offal for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter either during treatment or within 30 days of the last treatment. If cows calve before the meat withholding time has elapsed, then the calf should not be submitted for slaughter at least until the cow has become eligible for slaughter and the calf has been fed on milk suitable for bobby calves for at least 7 days. MILK: For 49 days after treatment and for the first 8 milkings (4 days) after calving the milk must be discarded. When a cow, which has been treated at drying off, calves less than 49 days after this treatment, the milk should be kept out of the bulk milk for human consumption until a full 49 days from the treatment date has elapsed, plus an extra 8 milkings. Providing the cow has calved after the '49 day treatment to calving interval', milk from the first 8 milkings can be fed to bobby calves. For further information please refer to the current NZVA guidelines.