Electrolife It is recommended that when calves first arrive at their destination following transportation they are fed with ElectroLife as it will help replace fluids and electrolytes lost following dehydration due to the stress caused by transport. When rearing calves nutritional scours may also occur. ElectroLife will also help replace fluids and electrolytes lost following dehydration caused by scours. Please note that ElectroLife should not be used to treat severely dehydrated animals or animals with life threatening scours. ElectroLife should be used whenever calves are being transported or when the first signs of scours are seen.

Exempt Unrestricted

Active Constituents:
Sodium chloride 6.22%, potassium bicarbonate 2.60%, dextrose monohydrate 88.07% and vitamin A 0.008%. Powder for reconstitution with water. After reconstitution with 2L of water contains 87.5meq sodium, 21.4meq potassium, 87.5meq chloride, 21.4meq bicarbonate, 365mMol dextrose and 1,600IU vitamin A. Available in packs containing 12 x 82g sachets.

Electrolyte formulation for hydration and energy. Will help replace lost fluids and electrolytes following mild dehydration.

For oral administration only. Prepare a fresh solution before each treatment by mixing 1 sachet (82g) with 2L of warm water. Administer 2L of freshly reconstituted solution, as required, 2–3 times a day to help correct hydration levels. Ideally, separate administration of milk feeds and Electrolife by 3 hours. Ensure calves have ad libitum access to fresh water at all times. If calves will not drink the solution, a calf stomach tube can be used.

Withholding Times:
MILK and MEAT (including bobby calves): Nil.