A9948 RVM

Active Constituents:

Cloprostenol (as sodium salt) 250µg/mL in an aqueous solution for injection. Available in 20mL HDPE plastic vials and 100mL flexipacks.

COWS: Induces luteolysis of functional corpora lutea, with return to oestrus in most cows in 2–4 days. For use in Prosynch and oestrus synchrony programmes. Also indicated for the termination of unwanted or abnormal pregnancies between day 7 and 150 following conception.
MARES: Causes regression of the corpus luteum in mares except during the refractory period spanning the first 4–5 days after ovulation.
SOWS: Indicated for induction of parturition in sows within 3 days of their expected farrowing date. In pigs the corpus luteum is refractory to the effects of PGF2a in the first 11–12 days after ovulation.
Consequently, the period during which cloprostenol can be used for oestrus manipulation in cycling sows is too short to be clinically useful for oestrus synchronisation.

COWS: Single or repeat doses of 2mL (500µg cloprostenol) by i/m injection into the anterior half of the neck.
MARES up to 400kg b.w: 0.5–1mL (125–250µg cloprostenol) by i/m injection. MARES over 400kg b.w: 1–2mL (250–500µg cloprostenol) by i/m injection.
SOWS: Single dose of 0.7mL (175µg cloprostenol) by i/m injection into the anterior half of the neck within 3 days of expected farrowing date.

Withholding Times:
MEAT and MILK: Nil.