A9423 RVM

Active Constituents:

Penethamate hydriodide 15g powder for reconstitution using the supplied diluent. Each gram of penethamate hydriodide is equivalent to 1,000,000IU of benzylpenicillin. Available in 6-Cow Packs containing 6 x 15g penethamate and 6 x 48mL diluent, with 6 x 20mL syringes and 18G single-use sterile needles.

Treatment of infections caused by susceptible Gram+ve bacteria that cause mastitis, respiratory infections, footrot and uterine infections in cattle and horses.


Reconstitute the powder contained in the 15g vial by adding the contents of the 48mL vial of sterile water for injection supplied. Check powder is completely dissolved, and inject the aqueous solution by the i/m route only.
CATTLE and HORSES: Administer 20-40mL (5-10g) by i/m injection into the anterior half of the neck, once daily. This equates to a dose rate of 10-15mg penethamate hydriodide/kg b.w.

Withholding Times:

MILK: Cattle - Milk intended for sale for human consumption must be discarded during treatment and for not less than 4 milkings for cows milked twice per day (2 milkings for cows milked once per day) or approximately 48 hours following the last treatment. MEAT: Cattle 7 days. Horses 7 days.