Pregnecol™ Injection

Pregnecol Injection

A5279 RVM

Active Constituents:

Equine chorionic gonadotrophin (eCG) or pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) 20,000IU in each vial. Presented as a freeze-dried powder for reconstitution with the supplied diluent. Potency is measured by mouse or rat ovarian weight assay using W.H. International Standards for serum gonadotrophin. Available in glass vials and supplied with 100mL of diluent.


Aids in improving the reproductive efficiency of cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and also dogs. Acts to induce oestrus in anoestrous animals, to increase ovulation rates and to cause superovulation when appropriate dosage regimes are applied.


For i/m or s/c injection into the anterior half of the neck in food-producing animals.

To reconstitute the freeze-dried powder: Withdraw 3–5mL of sterile diluent from the diluent vial or pack supplied by using a sterile syringe and add to the contents of the vial of freeze-dried powder. Gently rock the vial to ensure complete reconstitution and then withdraw and add to the diluent pack. Mix thoroughly and repeat this procedure to ensure complete recovery of the freeze-dried material. Use solution immediately after reconstitution and discard all unused material.

After reconstitution, each mL of solution contains 200IU of PMSG.

 Animal  Use Quantity
 Sheep  Induction of oestrus 400–800IU

 Superovulation  1000–1500IU
 Goats Induction of oestrus 200–600IU
  Superovulation  600–1000IU
 Cattle  Anoestrus  400–800IU
  Superovulation  1500–3000IU
 Pigs  Anoestrus  500–2000IU
 Dogs  Anoestrus  100–500IU

For full information on programmes, dosage regime and use with other products, see package insert.

Withholding Times: