Vetadine™ Iodine Animal Wash

Vetadine Iodine Animal Wash

A4420 Unrestricted

Active Constituents:

Nonylphenoxypolyethoxyethanol–iodine complex 87.5g/L (equivalent to 1.6% w/v available iodine) for external use. Available in 500mL and 2L packs.

For use in all species as an aid in the treatment of non-specific dermatoses, ringworm and mud fever; also as a general coat wash and conditioner.

ROUTINE WASH: Mix 30mL/10L water and then wash the animal thoroughly. There is no need to rinse off.
TREATMENT OF SKIN CONDITIONS: Mix 30mL/5L water, then wash the animal thoroughly and rinse off. Repeat the wash, but do not rinse off after second application. If necessary, excessively dirty animals may be pre-washed with an ordinary shampoo, then rinsed thoroughly before continuing with Vetadine treatment.

Withholding Times:

MEAT: Nil.
MILK: Do not use in lactating animals producing milk for human consumption.