Transfers of Value to Healthcare Professionals

Supporting Healthcare Professionals (Transfers of Value)

Bayer Australia is committed to fostering transparency in all relationships with HealthCare Professionals (HCPs) and strives to ensure trust within the innovative pharmaceutical industry.

Collaborative Research Achieving Positive Patient Outcomes

The ongoing collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and HCPs has delivered numerous innovative medicines and changed the way many diseases impact patients’ lives. This has been achieved through Bayer’s continued commitment to sponsoring clinical trials and real life evidence, supporting the development and understanding of new treatments for management of disease.

Bayer Australia is dedicated to working closely with HCPs to support their continuous education to assist in keeping them informed of the latest advances in medicines. This is key to achieving better patient outcomes.

Pharmaceutical Industry – Creating consistency through regulation

When collaborating with medical experts, we comply with existing laws and regulations that clearly outline the interaction between industry and healthcare professionals.

In Australia, the pharmaceutical industry is regulated by the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct ( Medicines Australia provide the minimum requirements for interactions with HCPs. Adherence to these guidelines Is mandatory.

Medicines Australia – HCP Payments and Transfer of Value Report

Globally Bayer has undertaken to be open and transparent when providing a reportable payment or transfer of value to a healthcare professional. This is also consistent with our local commitment as a member of Medicines Australia. Reportable payments or transfers of value are:

  • Payments for the provision of services such as giving a lecture, chairing an educational meeting, providing advice as a member of an Advisory Board or as a Consultant
  • Airfares, accommodation and/or conference registration fees to attend medical education as part of those services.


Bayer Australia has prepared the report for publication in accordance with the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, Edition 18 and Australia’s Privacy legislation.


Reporting these payments is mandatory under the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct and it is a condition of all Bayer’s contracting and sponsorship arrangements that all reportable payments or transfers of value will be disclosed for each healthcare professional by name.


The reports contain information up to and including the most recent Medicines Australia reporting period. Any use or disclosure of the data by a third party is the responsibility of that third party, which must comply with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
For further information about the details in the report, please go to


From 30 August 2019, the Bayer Australia HCP Payments and Transfer of Value Reports will be held in a database, administered by Medicines Australia. This database is designed to be searchable as well as downloaded as a CSV file.


For further information about the details in the report, or to search the database, please visit


Reports for activities and payments made are also available here, and can be viewed as a PDF or CSV file. Each report will be available for at least three years from the date of publication.