Science for a better life

Do you...

  1. Love working on and with the land?
  2. Take satisfaction from cultivating and nurturing something from beginning to end?
  3. Prefer to be your own boss and gather experience as you go?
  4. Enjoy physical work in the great outdoors?
  5. Have a talent for coming up with practical solutions in challenging situations?

Sounds like you're well suited to become one of a new generation of Australian farmers!

The ag industry relies on people who thrive on the land, who love to grow things and who are ready to take on the incredibly important challenges of farming. Working for yourself, constantly learning new things, and actualising the exciting new changes in the ag industry – it all starts with farming.

Agricultural qualifications at universities, colleges, and TAFES across Australia offer students the opportunity to study land management and conservation, along with many other facets of running your own farming business.

Do you...

  1. Love being involved with cutting edge technology?
  2. Find the infinite potential of data fascinating?
  3. Want to help people do their work as efficiently and successfully as possible?
  4. Like making people's lives easier and better organised?
  5. Love working with computers and programming?

Ag tech may well be the field for you!

Technology is the future, and the agricultural sector is no exception. If you see masses of data and immediately start thinking about how this could be organised into a system for making informed decisions, then you may be well suited to developing technology for use in the agricultural sector.

Precision agriculture, intuitive digital farming technologies, responsive logistics programs for farm management – these incredible new innovations are facilitated by detailed, localised data.

Do you...

  1. Love managing projects?
  2. Like applying numbers and analysis to a real-life setting that can make a difference?
  3. Find economics, supply and distribution interesting?
  4. Enjoy working with a team?
  5. Have an aptitude for finance?

You could be ideally suited to go into agricultural business!

Agribusiness is a certified degree at a number of top Australian universities, where you can combine studies in management, economics, market research and accounting within the context of the agricultural industry.

This includes learning about the broader context of trade, supply and distribution within ag-related industries.

Do you...

  1. Love science and new innovation?
  2. Care about regenerative eco practise and caring for the environment?
  3. Want to ensure a sustainable future?
  4. Enjoy discovering ways to improve upon past experiments?
  5. Love working with nature's conditions and making the most of them?

If so, the ag industry could offer you the chance to work with cutting-edge scientific research as a Horticultural or Agricultural Scientist!

Horticultural or Agricultural Scientists work across a number of scientific disciplines (biology, chemistry, ecology to name a couple) in order to cultivate plants with the capability to improve yield, quality and the nutritional value of food crops.

Discovering solutions to problems posed by insects, diseases and damaging environmental conditions is amongst the broad range of work done by horticulturists working within the ag industry. If you want your work in the lab to have a real-life, extremely practical and positive effect on people's lives and livelihoods, it might be just the job for you!

Do you...

  1. Love applying science to practical, real-life situations?
  2. Enjoy spending time outdoors as well as in the lab?
  3. Like working with people to find the best individual solution for them?
  4. Have an eye for detail and see how it fits in with the bigger picture?
  5. Love seeing the advances at the forefront of science and technology?

Use your ability to multi-task for the good of everyone as an agronomist!

Agronomists use a range of scientific techniques to enhance the production of quality food and fibres whilst managing environmental and cultural practices within agriculture to ensure a sustainable future.

Control of weeds, insects and pests, soil health and fertility, plant breeding, crop rotation and irrigation all fall within the expertise of an agronomist, who serves as a trusted advisor to farmers and helps them achieve maximum productivity and best practice.

Do you...

  1. Love figuring out how best to help people?
  2. Like things to be well explained and thorough?
  3. Look to the future and how to make it better?
  4. Enjoy hearing a wide range of opinions?
  5. Relish a good debate?

Sounds like you're a budding policy maker for the agricultural sector!

Policy making is an aspect of the ag sector that people often forget about – but it's hugely important and provides a diverse range of great career opportunities! On a local, regional, state and federal level, important decisions about agriculture (regarding technology, science, funding, regulation, ethics, commerce and much more) need to be made by people who understand the industry.

The National Farmers' Federation is the largest national organisation representing agricultural communities' needs in policy on a local and nation-wide scale.

Do you...

  1. Love coming up with creative solutions?
  2. Enjoy problem solving?
  3. Work well in a team?
  4. Have great communication skills?
  5. Like researching and learning all there is to know about your projects?

Why not put all that to good use as a marketing expert within the agricultural industry?

The ag industry isn't something you'd necessarily associate with a job in the fast-paced urban world of marketing, but marketing is an important part of the multi-faceted journey from field to final product.

Whether it's launching an ad campaign for your favourite yoghurt, doing business to business marketing for agricultural equipment and supplies or working on an educational public awareness campaign about the value of agriculture, there are many ways to be involved with the industry.

Do you...

  1. Love writing about topics that are relevant to people's everyday lives?
  2. Enjoy learning on the job?
  3. Like meeting people with a range of experiences very different to your own?
  4. Prefer to mix things up with some time spent in the great outdoors, some spent at your computer?
  5. Love asking questions and hearing interesting answers?

You might just be perfect for a career as an agricultural journalist!

You're in the right place, because Australian agricultural journalism is some of the best in the world – Aussies usually clean up at international awards such as those held by the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists.

There are many local and regional opportunities to work as an ag journalist in Australia, within a great network maintained by the Australian Council of Agricultural Journalists. The Council brings together rural press clubs and associations and provides a diverse professional network of writers, photographers and editors working within the sector.