Sport and Culture

Bayer has promoted cultural and sporting activities ever since the company was founded. The range of company-sponsored clubs and socities is unique throughout the world. Here you can read more about Bayer's support for sports and culture.

How Bayer Promotes Sport

Whenever those with an interest in sports hear the name Bayer, they usually think immediately of the professional soccer team Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Yet the company's involvement in professional soccer in Germany is just one facet of Bayer's support for sports, which has a long tradition.


Bayer is one of Germany's biggest sports patrons and sports sponsors. As long as the beginning of the 20th century, Bayer began sponsoring sports clubs in the communities surrounding its production sites in order to help its employees make constructive use of their leisure time.


Indeed, there is probably no other company that supports such a wide range of sport activities.

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Our German Heritage

Bayer is proud of its German heritage and supports a number of initiatives to promote the German-Australasian relationship.

Bayer Supports Local German School

Bayer Australia has enjoyed a long standing relationship with the German International School Sydney. This bilingual school offers complete tuition to 350 pupils from pre-school to year 12 and has recently introduced the International Baccalaureate into its program. This important qualification can be used to gain entry to tertiary education worldwide, including in Australia and Germany.

Bayer supports the school fete by providing a marquee for their annual celebrations and by contributing to their annual year book.

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German Culture in New Zealand

We are also supporters of Auckland University’s German Drama Company and in the past have contributed financially to the production of history books about German settlement in New Zealand.

German Business Networks

Bayer supports German business initiatives such as publications promoting German business in Australia and encourages the development of Australian-German networks for example inviting relevant organisations to themed round table discussions.